Founded in 1884, the Secondary School of Arts and Crafts, Sculpture and Stonemasonry in Hořice is unique in teaching traditional craft and artistic practices in conjunction with the latest trends in modern technology of the 21st century. Our key goal is to grant our students with expert skills and knowledge to become future leaders in their field of profession in modern society. That is why we emphasize the traditional creative handicraft, design, and implementation in connection with the world of information technologies, virtual reality, and automation. Our fields of study – Sculpture, Architecture, Applied Painting, Geotechnics and Stone Restoration cover the school’s focus on natural materials, specializing in stone. Our aim is to use the strengths of our artistic and technical fields to build a creative and technologically strong school with competent teachers who are connected to the world of practice. We work towards gaining new impetuses and perfecting our know-how at the pedagogical and professional level.

During its existence, our school has educated numerous visual artists, such as Otto Eckert, Josef Fojtík, Sylvestr Harna, Bohumil Kafka, Quido, Kocian, Vladislav Gajda, Ladislav Kofránek, Otakar Kubín, Irena Paukertová-Antošová, Vladimír Preclík, Ladislav Šaloun, František Štorek, Jan Štursa, Karla Vobišková-Žáková, Jaroslav Volf or Josef Wagner.

For many years the school has received a number of diplomas and awards in the field of its activity from relevant professional associations, exhibitions and fairs as well as personal appraisals and above-standard relationships with citizens of many Czech and foreign cities and municipalities. Our graduates are highly successful all over the world in a variety of professions, but especially in the technical, stone, sculptural, painting, and architectural trade.

Current school works of our students can be found in the form of artistic and stone-technical works not only in the Czech Republic, but also in Vatican City (St. Agnes of Bohemia in St. Peter’s Basilica), in Germany (Konstanz – statue of Jan Hus) or in Italy (Arco – statue of St. Wenceslas).

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